synechocystis PCC6803 vectors?

J. Casey Lippmeier jcasey at
Tue Jan 2 14:43:59 EST 2001

         I'm looking for a good vector for heterologous protein expression
in cyanobacteria.  I've got a few references already but none of them
describe a vectors with all of my requirements.

Specifically I'm hoping to find something with:
1. A multiple cloning site
2. Constitutive expression or chemically induced expression of inserts
3. Preferably something based on RSF1010
4. at least one antibiotic selectable marker for both e. coli and
cyanobacterial propagation.

I've seen the vector described in Mermet-Bouvier & Chauvat (1994) Curr
Microbio 28:145-148 and this would be perfect for my purposes except that
heat induction is required for insert expression and this is unsuitable
for my experiments.  If anyone knows of a good alternative please let me
know, otherwise I'll just build something myself I suppose.

Thank You,

-J. Casey Lippmeier

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