History of photosynthesis: A celebration of the millennium

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<x-flowed iso-8859-1>Your Journal "Photosynthesis Research" will 
publish in 2002 special issues
on "History of photosynthesis: A celebration of the millennium". I paste
below an Announcement from  Dr. David Knaff, Editor-in-chief of
"Photosynthesis Research". It will also be available in a forthcoming issue
of the journal "Photosynthesis Research", and is expected to be available
on the Web site of the "International Society of Photosynthesis Research"
(ISPR) .

History of photosynthesis: A celebration of the millennium

Photosynthesis Research has been publishing 'Personal Perspectives' by
eminent researchers In addition, 'Obituaries' are also published. These, in
addition, to other 'historical papers' have been edited over the years by
Govindjee, Historical Corner Editor of Photosynthesis Research. The new
millennium will now be celebrated by special issues of Photosynthesis
Research dealing with the historical highlights of photosynthesis research
of the past years. These issues will be edited by Govindjee and Howard
Gest, and will be published in 2002, but will be edited during 2001 and
2002. Numerous authorities have already been invited to join in this
celebration; the response has been enormous (we have received already
acceptances from 50 scientists). In addition to the invited historical
'Minireviews' on various aspects of the history of photosynthesis, the
journal encourages submission of short (650 to 2000 words) historical
papers by the photosynthesis community. The articles in these special
issues will be in the following three categories:
A. Historical Minireviews
In this special issue, we plan to publish mostly invited short historical
Minireviews ranging from one page (~ 650 words) to six pages (~ 4000
words). These invitations have already been sent to prospective authors. If
you have not been invited to write, and you have an interesting idea for a
historical paper to contribute, please discuss it with Govindjee
(gov at uiuc.edu) before submission: Some additional historical Minireviews
ranging from one to three (650 to 2000 words) printed pages will still be

B. Historical Letters
Manuscripts are solicited that deal with historical aspects of the
International Photosynthesis Congresses, International Society of
Photosynthesis Research, evolution of techniques and their impact on the
field, controversial hypotheses; and naming of intermediates and schemes
(e.g., P680, 'QA', Photosystems I and II, Z-scheme, etc.), quantum yield
controversy, and other controversies, or on persons who discovered an
important thing/phenomenon, but their work has remained unrecognized. To be
considered for publication, the letter should not exceed 2 printed pages
(1200 words). Please discuss it with Govindjee (gov at uiuc.edu) before

C. Other (Historical announcements/historical photos)
Guest Editors will consider publishing 'announcements' on books dealing
with the history of the field or on other items related to photosynthesis.
We shall also consider including old, but short 'announcements' that may be
of real historical importance. Further, the photosynthesis community may
submit photos of historical importance prior to 1960. However, before
submission, they must discuss it with Govindjee (gov at uiuc.edu). Full credit
will be provided in a credit line, if these photos are used (we will need
the names of person in the photo, date, place of the photo, and the source).
David B. Knaff, Editor-in-Chief, Photosynthesis Research

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