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Sat Jan 20 23:46:30 EST 2001

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Dear Photosynthesis Colleagues:
On behalf of Drs. Adam Gilmore, Tony Larkum and Marilyn Ball, I am 
placing an Announcement of a Satellite Meeting in Australia. For some 
reason, they are having difficulties in putting this from their 
server. Thus, they have requested me to do so from here.
>Dear Colleagues,
>To those who may be interested in attending a Satellite Meeting 
>entitled "Light Stress and Photosynthesis: UVb and Visible Light 
>Effects"  to be held in conjunction with PS2001, The 12th 
>International Congress on Photosynthesis.
>The meeting is scheduled for August 13-17, 2001 (the four days prior 
>to the PS2001 Congress itself)
>The venue is The Heron Island Resort on the Great Barrier Reef of 
>Queensland Australia
>We have just launched our satellite site which contains the 
>registration form and abstract submission, pricing and other 
>Please note that in addition to the announcement on the website 
>site, we have recently made arrangements for a special peer-reviewed 
>issue, relating to the subject matter of the meeting, to be 
>published in the Australian Journal of Plant Physiology (AJPP), 
>(details to be announced later).
>Please follow the following URL link:
>Please accept the organizers gratitude for your interest in 
>attending this meeting.
>Hoping to see you all at Heron Island!
>The Organizers of LS2001 (Light Stress 2001)
>Tony Larkum <alark at mail.usyd.edu.au>
>Marilyn Ball <mball at rsbs.anu.edu.au>
>Adam Gilmore <gilmore at rsbs.anu.edu.au>

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