Sad News About Yoshihiko Fujita From S. Itoh

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Mon Mar 7 03:56:53 EST 2005

I am copying here the sad news received from Dr. S. Itoh regarding Dr. Y.
Fujita. We are grieved to hear this sad news about a wonderful and one of
the greatest scientists I ever knew.
Historical Corner Editor, Photosynthesis Research

Regarding Dr. Yoshihiko Fujita

    We were informed of the tragic news that Yoshihiko Fujita passed away on
24th Febrary, 2005 after 4 months of hospitalization. He, as a pioneer of
cyanobacterial resarch, worked on the chromatic adaptation of
cyanobacteria and contributed significantly for the establishement of
physiolgy of cyanobacteria. He was living on the beautiful coast of Obama
city that is middle northern coast of Japan together with his charming
wife Kyoko after several years research in Fukui Prefectural University
where he moved from NIBB in Okazaki.
     I can recall how he enjoyed experiments with very carefull analysis,
drank together with people singing songs, discussed and argued on many
subjects. Any messages of condolence and support can be sent to Mrs. Kyoko
Fujita, 26-31-12 kougasaki, Obama city, Fukui, 917-0107  JAPAN.

   We have lost a colleague with a warm and enthusiastic nature and a great
sense of humor and joy. Dr Fujita made significant contributions to our
understanding of photosynthesis.  We will miss him greatly.

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