Practice exams on the web

Tue Aug 8 14:51:41 EST 1995

Hi plant-eders:

Regarding Larry Nooden's recent message about his practice exams on the web, I
have looked at them and think that they can be very useful (nice graphics).
However, Larry and I talked at the recent Plant Physiology meetings about the
potential for prospective students to study these exams and essentially
memorize factoids rather than really learning the material.  They might then
have an unfair advantage (or disadvantage if they get the idea they can succeed
by memorizing) when they enroll in his classes.  Am I being too pessimistic?  

I have to admit that some of my skepticism about the web (I am still an avid
user...) has come from reading "Silicon Snake Oil" in which the author
(Clifford Stoll) argues, among other things, that the internet is a very poor
substitute for a real teacher.  I would like to hear other comments on this

Thanks,  Jon

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