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I would like to strongly agree with Jon Monroe's comment that use of 
the internet is no substitute for a good teacher.  I think that the 
internet can be a valuable electronic library or repository for 
information and resources for classes.  I think that having electronic
access to old exams is better than putting them on reserve in the 
library.  Having materials available by electronic access can 
potentially increse the richness of a course.  But, deep down, I fear 
some of our colleagues are resorting to the internet and multimedia, 
when they should be practicing communication with a piece of chalk.

Here's a question for the group:  If Socrates was alive today, would 
he use the electronic medium?  I think not.  He had access to a more 
powerful tool.  He created a virtual reality in the mind of each of 
his students.  The internet and other electronic media may facilitate 
the disribution of the teacher's understanding, but they do not really
facilitate the developement of a personal metaphor for each and every 
student.  This is where the teacher comes in.

Anyway, that's my opinion.


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