Web Site Usage in Large Classes

Melissa Melan melan at DUQ3.CC.DUQ.EDU
Wed Aug 9 10:16:53 EST 1995

Dear Plant-Ed'ers,

        I have been following the discussion of practice exams on Web
Pages, etc with great interest.  We have just established an in-house
newsgroup/bulletin board for our General Biology class this year.  We are
expecting an enrollment close to 600 and so felt that a newsgroup would be
a good way to generate class discussions that don't degenerate into mayhem.
 It would also be a way for students to answer each other's questions, etc
instead of solely relying upon the instructors.

        My question is:  do these newsgroups/discussion groups really work?
 That is, do the students actually use them or do they regard them as
either a nuisance and never use them or do they regard them simply as a
place to have "gripe sessions"?

        If anyone "out there" has prior experience with using this system
I'd love to hear about how it worked (or didn't work).

Thanks in advance.

Melissa Melan                           (melan at duq3.cc.duq.edu)
Department of Biological Sciences
Duquesne University
Pittsburgh, PA  15282
(412) 396-5565

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