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There is an interesting set of black boxes in a kit
you can get from supply houses.  If I remember right
it is called the "observator" or some such kit.  It
consists of boxes shaped like hockey pucks.  Inside
is a shape molded into the plastic and a large ball
bearing.  The students can manipulate the box and
defend their hypotheses by tests to determine the
shape of the baffle inside the box.  At no time do they
open the box.  Thus they learn how to test hypotheses
and lack the luxury of certainty (something sadly
lacking in many lab experiences).  A little airplane
glue (model cement) would make this certain.


At  9:01 AM 7/5/95 -0600, Steven J. Wolf wrote:
>I am giving a lecture/lab to high school science teachers on scientific
>methodology in a few days. I have been told of an inexpensive method using
>"black boxes" filled with various items. The students must devise a method
>for determining what is in the box without opening it. It is described in
>the Annotated Instructor's Edition of "Laboratory Investigations for
>Biology" by Jean Dickey (Benjamin/Cummings Press) and sounds pretty good.
>However, I do not have the instructors edition which suggests the best items
>to place in the boxes. If anybody has this lab manual could they please
>email me a list of the items? Thanks.
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