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Ross Koning Koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU
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I tried the Photosynthesis simulation which integrates from
a control program called Biology Explorer.  My version is
now a couple of years old.  It was part of the Wings for Learning
series from Sunburst Communications (800-321-7511).
It is on floppies, however.  I have not seen the CD ROM
software, but I think it must be the same software (substantially).

I put it naked in front of my Plant Physiology class after an
introductory lecture on photosynthesis.  I had them work through
the first three "lessons" and they were to critique the software
and the tutorial worksheets in a paper.  The students found the
software pretty good on the whole (and I agree with them), but
the worksheets are rather poor.  The ones that came with my version
were primitive and lacked critical instructions, asked questions
that could not be tested, and were extremely vaguely in some cases.

I think the simulation (as designed in my version of worksheets)
takes too long [students get bored with it] and so I think an instructor
would be wise to cut it down in length and do some revising of the

Perhaps the CD-ROM version is improved over what I have.


At  1:53 PM 7/3/95 -0400, Carl Pike wrote:
>A while ago I received some information (perhaps from this group) about a
>photosynthesis simluation on a CD-ROM called Biology Explorer by LOGAL in
>Cambridge.  I obtained a demonstration disk, but it only provides a minute
>or so of material, and gives one little idea of the suitability of the
>program for introductory or advanced college courses.  Is there anyone on
>PLANT-ED who has actually obtained the program and can provide some
>information on what it does, and what level course it is designed for?
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