Teaching aids for Plant Breeding Course

Jose A. Feijo jose.feijo at bio.fc.ul.pt
Wed Aug 16 05:02:15 EST 1995

>I am seeking a source of rapid maturing crucifers for use in labs. in my 
>undergraduate plant breeding course.  Also does anyone know of good 
>software that would be useful in this course?
>Geoff Hughes
>Crop Science, Univ. of Saskatchewan.

"Fast cycling" Brassica rapa seeds will cycle in about 2 month from seed to
seed. They are remarkably reproducible concerning growing and flowering
schedules, and make an excellent material for lab demonstration of the plant
life cycle, especially embryogenesis. You can get them from

Carolina Biological Supply Co.
2700 York Rd.
Burlington, NC 27215, USA
ph.: +1-800-334-5551 fax: +1-910-584-3399

cat.# 15/8808
They costed me last October $16/pack of 200

Regarding software, we developed a small program to simulate iterative plant
growth using L-sys grammar. Yet you have "the" scientist in the field in
your own University, Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz. I'm sure he can offer you
much better than what we got (refer to the book "The Alghorithmic beauty of
My regards to Larry Fowke!


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