Seminars/Workshops in Amazon Jungle

Jsananda jsananda at
Wed Aug 23 07:45:30 EST 1995

A series of seminars will be given by the National Institute of Amazonian
Research (INPA) at Ariau Jungle Tower Hotel.  Ariau is  located in the
Brazilian Amazon on the Rio Negro at the foot of the Anavilhanas
Archipelago - the largest fresh water archipelago in the world and an area
that is considered one of the most biologicaly diverse areas on earth. 
Ariau is completly built in the canopy of the rainforest and has 3 miles
of catwalks. INPA is currently building a Natural History Museum in one of
Ariau's Towers. Seminars and workshops at Ariau will be in the following
areas:  Botany - Freshwater Biology and Fishing - Ecology and Entomology -
Forest Management - Food Technology and Nutrition - Chemistry of Natural
To receive more information and notification of dates, please send your
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