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Thu Aug 24 16:41:01 EST 1995

Hello there,

Does anyone out there know what is the best climate for the following plants/trees:
rambutan, mangosteen, Hawaii mangoes/papayas (??)
What is the best way to grow these trees for best fruit production?
I was told that for rambutans it is better to graft them.
I have heard of grafting for shrubs like roses and grapes but never for trees.
Is this possible?  If so what kind of trees should rambutans be grafted on and
how old should the rambutan trees be?

I am also interested in lychee specimens.  I know that Chinese lychees are with red
shells and the Pakistani lychees are with brown shells.  Both taste slightly different
but are they of the same family so to speak?
Also I would like to ask the same questions as above for lychees.

Please reply via email.
Thanks in advance.

Kai (ktham at
Kai (ktham at

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