Freshman biology curriculum

John Choinski JOHNC at CC1.UCA.EDU
Thu Aug 24 14:37:17 EST 1995

Dear Colleagues

I teach in a biology department in a middle sized (10,000 students) 
state supported university with a growing M.S. program.  We are 
currently evaluating our freshman major curriculum in biology.  At 
present, we have three courses: Molecular & Cellular Biology followed 
by (organismal) General Botany and General Zoology.  We are 
considering consolidating this sequence into a two semester 
integrated Biology 1, Biology 2 sequence.  This proposal is sure to 
engender a lot of debate in our department, particularly from the 
classicists who feel that taxonomy and systematics are already 
slighted in our core required curriculum.  I would appreciate hearing 
from others as to what sort of courses are required for freshman 
biology majors at their school.  Also any comments about this problem 
that might be useful in our ongoing debate would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your help.

John S. Choinski, Jr.
Professor of Biology
University of Central Arkansas
e-mail: johnc at

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