plant bio in Scotland

Wilson A Taylor, Dr. Wilson Taylor taylorwa at UWEC.EDU
Mon Dec 11 16:53:37 EST 1995

The floating disc exercise sounds like a good one, Ross.  I hope to try it
out . . . but not until next fall.  I have a special challenge facing me.
I'll be teaching in an international program at Dalkeith (10 mi. . er . .
16km) s of Edinburgh from Jan. 28th to May 16th.  We have "lab" facilities
in the dungeon like basement (20 compound scopes), but little else.  I am
interested in any ideas/information on the following:

1. lab exercises with minimal - no equipment (if I know in advance [by Jan
5th] I can ship some supplies over), especially field exercises.  It is "the
land of horizontal rain," but I guess something is always in flower.  I will
have a van, so can get to the Firth of Forth (to do what?) (driving on the
left - YIKES) and the botanical gardens.

2. Field guides to local plants (most of which I guess are not native).

3. The best way to gain access to the internet - I may really need
pedagogical counseling.

4. Any additional words of wisdom or help.

I'm really looking forward to it, but have my share of apprehension.


Wil Taylor

Wilson A. Taylor
Department of Biology
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Eau Claire, WI  54701
taylorwa at


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