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>1. lab exercises with minimal - no equipment (if I know in advance [by Jan
>5th] I can ship some supplies over), especially field exercises.  It is "the
>land of horizontal rain," but I guess something is always in flower.  I will
>have a van, so can get to the Firth of Forth (to do what?) (driving on the
>left - YIKES) and the botanical gardens.

An exercise you could try involves the priciples of water uptake in
seedlings during the initial stages of germination. (Micropyle etc)

Seeds (eg barley)  lots
metal or plastic tubes (sealed at one end)
Various weights 

the aim is to show the absolute requirement of water and the force
with which it can be taken up by the seeds

Fill a range of tubes with the seeds, ensure they are tightly packed,
and submerge the tubes in water. place varying weights on top of the
tubes (1g - 10g)
and leave

The seedlings will swell and force some of the weights up or even off
the tubes.

It tends to impress otherwise lethargic students

>2. Field guides to local plants (most of which I guess are not native).

Not sure will check local library

>3. The best way to gain access to the internet - I may really need
>pedagogical counseling.

Depends where you are and how long you require access, many of the UK
providers are offering one months free trial (may save you money)
other than that a number of cyber cafes have opened up. the scottish
based ones are:

cyberia : Edinburgh

e-mail  edinburgh at

Web 13 Edinburgh

e-mail  queries at

Hope this is of some use


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