Ross Koning Koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU
Mon Dec 18 11:34:39 EST 1995

John Groseclose,

Please take the mail-list: plant-ed at
off of your mailing list.  That list is not the
place for broadcasting this type of message or
for making connections to the kind of material
you are trying to distribute.  Think about it...
would you stand up in the middle of a faculty
meeting and make the kind of offer you have
sent here?  I didn't think so.


At  7:45 AM 12/18/95 +0000, John Groseclose wrote:
>Thousands of the most sexually explicit, erotic photos and AVI files
>ever digitized, absolutely free, culled from the worlds sexiest BBS's.
>Join my free mailing list for a complete index of each available file,
>and where to download it from.
>Simply send "request list" message to:
>caradoc at

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