Approved genetically altered plants

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As you may have noted from the publicity surrounding the New Leaf, there is 
a bit of confusion surrounding the exact list of currently approved 
genetically engineered food products in Canada.  There are a large number of 
products in the pipeline, at various stages of approval with a variety of 

However, to the best of our knowledge, the current list is:

New Leaf Potato (Monsanto): approved for import, sales, and contained 
production as of last month; resistant to Colorado Potato beetle

Canola: about 4 or 5 companies have a pesticide resistant variety approved, 
for growth, sales, etc., in Canada, as of this summer; it is expected to hit 
the market this winter

FlavrSavr Tomato (Calgene): approved for import and sale in Canada; as far 
as we know none have actually been imported yet, as Calgene has not caught 
up to US sales.

Chymesin (Chymax): This genetically engineered rennet substitute has been 
used in Canadian cheese making for about five years.  There are also two 
other genetically engineered enzymes in use in Canada.

Canadian-specific info regarding current regulatory status is hard to find. 
 We are just in the process of trying to collate such a list, looking at 
upcoming products as well as current ones, but won't get too far before 
Christmas.  Once we've had a chance to confirm some of the information, I'd 
be glad to send you a copy.

For non-Canadian specific info, lists are easier to find.  The best is a 
fairly recent and quite comprehensive listing from BIO, the US industry 
organization, in an article called "Agricultural Biotechnology: The Future 
of the World's Food Supply".  You can obtain this directly from the BIO home 
page (; I believe this page is also accessible from 
Access Excellence.  Products in Canada are usually about 6 months to two 
years behind the American ones in the regulatory approval process, with the 
exception of rBST.

The EU has attempted to place a political ban on all genetically engineered 
food products, although a number have been approved through the regulatory 
system, and I know of a couple which will be sold (are being sold?) in the 

Please feel free to send me a personal e-mail if you would like me to mail 
you (the old fashioned way) a package of info with more details about any of 
these products or the biotech processes, or for more info and/ or a copy of 
our list when we have one.

Hope this helps!  Michelle

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There was a news item in the local paper last week about the "NewLeaf"
potato being approved for human consumption by Health Canada.  I'm
interested in knowing what other plants have received approval for
release and what their genetic modifications are for a senior level
molecular biology discussion course.  Does anyone have such a list or
can you point me to a suitable web site?  I'm most interested in plants
that have received approval in Canada but I'd be interested in comparing
them with those that have been approved in the US or Europe as well

THanks for any help,

Martin Mulligan
Dept of Biochemistry
Memorial University of Newfoundland
mulligan at

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