ad spams and moderating this group

Ellis Richard J rellis at CORAL.BUCKNELL.EDU
Mon Dec 18 16:07:41 EST 1995

Dear Jon and other plant-ed people:  My vote  AT THIS TIME is no to the 
"moderated" group.  The porn ad today was the first --and hopefully the 
last.  I am willing to change my vote if it seems necessary.  Dick Ellis

On 18 Dec 1995, Jon Monroe wrote:

> Dear plant-ed subscribers and readers:
> Regarding the recent ad spams that we have had to endure, I recommend simply
> deleting them and not responding.  If you reply to the group everyone will have
> to delete your message and it will go into the archives forever.  If you reply
> to the sender it will probably never reach them.  Often the sender's address is
> disguised.
> There is another option and that is to change this to a moderated group.  Users
> would not see any difference except perhaps a short delay in the appearance of
> their message.  Occasionally, when the moderator and backup are both out of
> town there may be a longer delay, but this would probably be rare.  All
> messages sent by e-mail or Usenet-news would first come to the moderator.  If
> the message adheres to the charter it would be forwarded to the group.  The
> charter would have to be modified accordingly.  I am willing to serve as the
> moderator but would first like feedback from the group as to whether you want
> this or not.  Send your feedback to me and I will tally and repost the results. 
> If the response is favorably (yes to moderation) I would like to move on it
> quickly to get the changes in place before the holiday break, so, to be counted
> respond quickly.
> Thanks,  Jon
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