Hoyer's mountant/fixative ... more

Bill Purves purves at MUDDCS.CS.HMC.EDU
Wed Dec 20 03:27:24 EST 1995

Joan Hudson asked:

>Could someone supply me with the recipe or the reference for the
>recipe for Hoyer's mountant/fixative.  Thank you.

And David W. Kramer provided the recipe and references AND said:

> [CAUTION:  I don't have the info at my finger tips but I think chloral
> hydrate is carcinogenic.  You will want to check before using this with
> students or even for yourself.]

I'm not aware of its being carcinogenic, but chloral hydrate IS a
controlled substance.  You should be aware that, if you find some on
a back shelf, never spotted by the narcotics regulatory folks, you had
better take care of the legalities...


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