correlation of structure & productivity

Janice M. Glime jmglime at MTU.EDU
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> Sorry, I don't remember the exact question, but the book Life's Devices,
> the Physical World of Animals and Plants, by Steven Vogel, Princeton
> University Press, may have the kind of information you are looking for. 
> For example, under xylem the index includes hydrophilic surface, negative
> pressure, tensile stress, and water transport.  The book is somewhat more
> readable than a typical plant physiology text.
> Salisbury and Ross discuss the role of vessels in restricting the
> distribution of deciduous trees, particularly oaks, to areas that have
> less freezing stress because the large vessels cavitate (get their water
> columns broken by excessive transpiration during times when roots are
> frozen) and it is more difficult for the water column to recollect by
> breaking up the large air bubbles than it is to reconnect the water column
> in the more narrow tracheids.
> Is the sort of information you were seeking?
> Janice
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