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On 11 Oct 1995 martin at SMCVAX.SMCVT.EDU wrote:

> I am trying to get information on how other schools calculate teaching
> loads in the sciences.  Specifically, I'd like to know:
> 	1. What is your teaching load per semester?

At California State University, Sacramento a full teaching load is 12 
WTU's (weighted teaching units)

> 	2. How does your school calculate hours?

Three lecture hours per week = 3 WTU.  Three lab hours per week = 2 WTUs 

> 	3. Do you have TA's?

We do have TA's (undergrads and masters students) to help with lab set-up 
and to assist during the lab.  We also have a staff person who coordinates 
the set-up for all of our introductory labs (we can just walk into these 
labs and be ready to go). We do not have TAs or graders to assist with 
lecture courses. The faculty member is expected to do all of the 
instructing in both lab and lecture courses.
> 	4. Are the Sciences treated like the Liberal Arts with respect 
> 	   to teaching loads?

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