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Fri Oct 13 14:59:59 EST 1995

          Denise Martin requests information about teaching loads:

          At Georgian Court College, a liberal arts college with an
          M.S. in Biology Program, most of the faculty teach at the
          undergraduate and graduate level.
          1. The teaching load for all faculty is 12 contact hours per
          semester, and while overloads are permitted, underloads are
          not (they cannot be carried forward to an overload
          2. Teaching load hours for all faculty at the college are
          based on contact hours.  In other words, a three hour lab
          counts as three hours, as do three hours of lecture.
          3. We do not have any TA's for undergraduate or graduate
          courses.  We do have one undergraduate and one graduate
          laboratory coordinator who orders supplies and oversees
          student workers, who will gather laboratory materials and
          make solutions, etc.  The only person in the laboratory
          during the laboratory is the faculty member.
          4. The Sciences are treated like the Liberal Arts.

          Mike Gross
          Dept. of Biology
          Georgian Court College
          Lakewood, NJ  08701
          mgross at pilot.njin.net

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