Source for antibodies against plant proteins?

George F Edick edickg at RPI.EDU
Fri Oct 13 07:56:26 EST 1995


Does anyone know of a good commercial source for antibodies directed against
plant proteins?

I would like to introduce indirect immunofluorescence microscopy into a
Freshman lab for the purpose of localizing various proteins and/or other
structures that could be visualized by this method. I use this procedure in
my advanced animal cell biology lab course and the students love it, and it
occured to me that the Freshman would gain a great deal by being able to
actually see where various proteins exist in plant tissues.

Any information (addresses, phone numbers, etc) on firms specializing in
plant protein antibodies would be appreciated. Thanks.


George Edick
RPI - Dept. Biology
Troy, NY  12180
edickg at  

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