teaching loads

Fri Oct 13 07:14:58 EST 1995

>I am trying to get information on how other schools calculate teaching
>loads in the sciences.  Specifically, I'd like to know:
>        1. What is your teaching load per semester?

At Pembroke State University, small liberal arts - heavy science 
majors - 3000 students, we are expected to teach 12 hours per 
semester.  Labs are counted as 1 hour even though as you know they 
last 2-3 hours not counting prep time.

>        3. Do you have TA's?

We have no TAs as we have no graduate program and no formalized 
method for hiring/training undergraduate teaching assistants.  I am 
the only person in my department who utilizes undergraduates to help 
with lab set-up (lots of hassle!)
>        4. Are the Sciences treated like the Liberal Arts with respect
>           to teaching loads? Treated identically.
Thanks for the opportunity to input.  Shocking isn't it!

Shelley Barker-Bridgers
Bridgers at nat.pembroke.edu

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