Epidermis of xerophytes

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> Subject: Epidermis of xerophytes
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> Plant-eders:
> In a recent botany lab on leaves our students looked at a prepared slide of
> cross sections of mesophyte, hydrophyte and xerophyte leaves.  Most of the
> adaptations make sense to me except for the multiple layers of epidermal cells
> in the xerophyte.  We thought about the types of stresses these plants might be
> under, including high UV light, and came up with the hypothesis that perhaps
> these extra epidermal cells provide for more UV absorbing potential since
> epidermal cell vacuoles do accumulate phenolic compounds that seem to serve
> such a function.  Does anyone know if this has been examined?  Do you know of
> other potential functions?  Raven, Evert and Curtis (3rd edition, p.461) show
> them in Oleander but don't mention them in the text.
> Thanks!  Jon
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  Water storage?  Try p81 in Plant Structure:function and development  Romberger et al 1993

   ( or  p114 in Physiological plant anatomy  Haberlandt  1884 / 1914 !!!)

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