Mac vs DOS

Gary V. Deutschmann, Sr. raiar at
Mon Oct 23 18:03:34 EST 1995

I can give an unbiased opinion since I am working on a PC and have owned 
Mac's also.

Almost everything I now own is DOS, not because it's better, it's the worst 
platform I ever used.  If it were not for a company I worked for that 
required that we own PCs I would have never switched.

I started with the Apple and upgraded through the Apples, through Lisa and 
then several Mac's.

Every Mac outperformed and outshined DOS in every phase of operation it was 
put through without all the headaches everyone has with these damn PCs.

Since you mentioned CDs, I'll also put my 2-bits in about them also.
CDs are the biggest step backwards in technology that every hit the computer 
industry.  The software manufacturer's through mega-advertising has just 
about got everyone (except me) convinced to go back to the old days of disk 
swapping to change from one program to another.

Anyone who has been in computers long enough to remember the paper tape 
readers and punchers, the cassette tape era, the floppy drives with all the 
disk swapping and copyproof spiraling methods to protect disks, and finally 
the awesome harddrive with all your programs on ONE DISK instantly 
accessable will find it hard to revert back to the old disk swapping of 
programs that we were so glad to get away from.

Of course, the software companies love going back to copy protection, even 
if it means a LARGE step backwards in technology.

What good is a CD anyway, mass storage, what do you have that requires that 
type of unalterable mass storage?  WOW, an entire encyclopedia on one disk! 
 Big deal, two keystrokes and I have the latest EB on-line and I didn't have 
to waste time looking for the CD, removing the one in the drive and filing 
it safely away, loading it into the drive and looking up a word.  Oooops, 
not enough memory to perform that function, close some windows and try 
again.  Two hours and three lost documents later, ah, I finally found the 
word.  Now let's see, what was I doing, why did I need that word in the 
first place.  Hmmmmmmmm, I've lost my train of thought.

CDs are just so wonderful and convenient, I think I'll throw away my 
harddrive and floppies and go back to cassette driven Trash 80s...

People had better wake up quick and quit wasting their money on CDs before 
that's all the software companies start using and your harddrives become 
useless artifacts of days gone by, when instant program access was only a 
FAD enjoyed by those too lazy to swap disks for each program or database.


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