flowering hormones

guido5 guido5 at CHATLINK.COM
Wed Apr 10 15:53:34 EST 1996

    I am doing a study on the effectiveness of assorted plant hormones 
and their analogs. For the giberellins and auxins I have a lot of good 
material so far (i.e. sources, effects, cost efficiency etc.) but one 
that I came across (somewhere . . . ) has alluded me. If my notes are 
right it's called N-meta tolylphthalamic acid. This substance reportedly 
invokes artificial "doubling" of flowers.
    Do any of you have further information on this material ? Somehow I 
managed to get this much on it, but not the reference where I found it 
or, especially, a source for it.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time in 
advance, and if this pans out I'll owe you one. How about a dozen ears of 
corn or a big bouquet of flowers?
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