Cytoplasmic streaming.

Jose' A. Feijo' jose.feijo at
Thu Aug 1 06:46:52 EST 1996

>Dear Plant Ed people,
>        Could any one  suggest some examples of tissues which display
>cytoplasmic streaming suitable for student observation... the best we know
>of is Tradescantia stamen hair cells but we are after other tissue types
>for a comparison.

Elodea leaves have impressive cyclosis of chloroplasts, big and fast enough
to be seen in ANY lab scope I've tried so far.
If your optics is a little bit better (say a reasonable 40x) try pollen
tubes. Most Lilliaceae (Lilium, Agapanthus, etc.) Amarlidaceae (Amarylis,
Hemerocalis...) or Solanaceae (Nicotiana) will germinate readily in a couple
of hours in a minimal medium with 0.01% H3BO3, 1-10% sucrose, and traces of
calcium and potassium (tap water usually does it; if you want to be precise
0.1 mM is good). They have some of the most beautifull streaming patterns
you can get. The tip and the grain are specially interesting.
Good luck

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