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  Next week I will begin teaching an upper level plant anatomy course to
seniors and masters students here.  I have inherited a 30 year old 
I will be using it as a guideline.  My question... Does anyone have any
suggestions/tips on teaching the course?  My worry is that 16 weeks of
looking at cross sections will be rather dry.  The syllabus basically
follows the chapter outlines in Fahn's book.  I want to spiff this class 
a bit.  Any neat demos, techniques, etc?  Any batter way to teach than
simply regurgitating book material?  I am not trained as a plant 
though I have had the class (14 years back) and have taught basic 
anatomy in
intro botany classes.
  Any thoughts, suggestions, horror stories, etc. appreciated.  This is 
two hr lec, 3 hr lab per week.

    Dave Starrett


My suggestion is to give it an "applied" emphasis.  Use plant anatomy as 
a tool for students to discover the structure of things they eat, things 
they see in supermarkets, materials used for construction, etc.
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