Plant responses to N

Alyson Tobin at6 at
Fri Aug 23 05:27:31 EST 1996

We are designing a new practical in which we wish students to assess the
response of plants to nitrogen nutrition- in terms of growth (root, shoot,
dry weight, areas etc.). The plan is to grow the plants beforehand at a
range of nitrate concentrations. If possible I would like to give them two
species whose response to N will be markedly different- e.g. one that will
increase shoot/root ratio on N and another that will decrease. Does anyone
have suggestions of two species that will grow to a reasonable size within
6 weeks and show a good, clear response to N?

Alyson Tobin

Dr A.K. Tobin
Plant Science Laboratory
Sir Harold Mitchell Building
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
KY16 9TH

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