Plant responses to N

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John Hewitson <100600.70 at CompuServe.COM> wrote:

>You can't beat radish (Raphanus sativus) for a quick response to N.  18 days
>from seed to harvest (under fluorescent lights)! They are genetically
>homogeneous, easy and cheap to obtain, produce a root AND shoot (a recognisable
>crop), a simple leaf which can be measured for area by lxbx"a conversion
>factor", simple and cheap water culture method etc.

I agree.  Radishes don't need staking and are very convenient for solution
culture (except that they get big voids in the 'radish').
Taste-testing yields a good  (significant at P<0.05) correlation with level
of N supplied.  The more nitrogen the more pungent they are.  The pungent
compound (whose name I can't remember) contains nitrogen. I arrange a
supply of bread, salt and orange juice to wash down the slices of radish
and clean the palate during the tasting session.

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