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Victoria Quade edu-vntq at
Wed Aug 28 23:19:54 EST 1996

I monitor to learn about current issues and trends in
education, not to be harrassed by people interested in exploiting the
gullibility of others. Please stop cross-posting your messages.

On 28 Aug 1996 kkooim at wrote:

> Download this to read how
> to get cash arriving in your mailbox with no paybacks!
> begin 600 $money$.txt
> M*BH at 1FEL93H@)$U/3D59)"Y46%0-"BHJ(%-I>F4Z(#$Q($M"#0HJ*B!$871E
> M.B P-R\Q,B\Y- at T*#0I(96QL;R$@22=V92!G;W0@<V]M92!A=V5S;VUE(&YE

[cut meaningless - to my machine - gibberish]

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