Gary Hannan bio_hannan at EMUVAX.EMICH.EDU
Wed Dec 4 20:58:23 EST 1996

>As a follow-up to John Silvius' question:
>Does anyone have a comparable program (truly investigative simulation) for
>Carl S. Pike                             (717) 291-3958
>Department of Biology                    FAX (717) 399-4548
>Franklin and Marshall College            Internet  C_PIKE at ACAD.FANDM.EDU
>P.O. Box 3003
>Lancaster, PA  17604-3003  USA


Dr. David Taylor (at VA Tech) is working on a CD-ROM package of lab
investigations, incorporating my transpiration simulation in it.  It will
be for Mac platforms.  his e-mail is taylorcd at

Gary Hanna

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