Do transgenic crops & sustainable ag make a Good Mix?

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Sun Dec 8 22:31:22 EST 1996

The genetically-engineered plants currently sold by commercial 
manufacturers like Monsanto, Ciba-Geigy, and others, have been 
harshly criticized by some consumer and environmental groups as 
being a non-sustainable answer to agricultural problems.

Many have argued that the same companies that had contributed to 
the heavy dependence on chemical pesticides and herbicides are now 
just as determined to increase our dependence on transgenic crops. 

These critics note that most of the plants present only short-term 
answers to the underlying problems (a "quick fix" solution), and 
that many (eg. Roundup Ready crops from Monsanto) merely foster 
increased dependence on (herbicide) products sold by the same 

Is there a way to successfully accomodate both the profit motives 
of agrochemical companies that produce these transgenic plants, and 
the environmental and health concerns of consumer and environmental 

If you are interested in such questions, the site at 
"" may provide a 
convenient introduction to some of the complexities involved in any 
discussion pitting the capitalistic ambitions of corporations 
against the relatively more idealistic goals of environmental 

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