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monique at bio.tamu.edu monique at bio.tamu.edu
Mon Dec 9 08:55:57 EST 1996

>I have two spider plants and a problem.  They are dying on the ends, dried
>up and brown.  They are both in windows but don't get direct sunlight.  I
>water about once a week.  Otherwise they are healthy, growing new babies
>and flowering.  Are the brown ends a problem and what should I do about it?
> Brenda

Tip-browning is often a sign of salt accumulation.  Answering the following 
questions will help you decide what to change about your plant's care.

If I water with tap water, is it high in soluble salts?  (use distilled or 
deionoizedx or rainwater.)

Am I over-fertilizing? (cut strength and reduce frequency.)

Is there a salt build-up in the soil? (flush with water until the drainage 
runs clear.  Do this periodically.)

Hope this helps,

Monique Reed
Texas A&M

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