Water Crystals Act as A Great Soil

Dr. David Starrett dstarret at BIOLOGY.SEMO.EDU
Mon Dec 9 19:33:48 EST 1996

>>I found these water crystals through a friend of mine.  They are a great
>>natural product which will help to save time on watering and do a great job
>>of keeping plants, flowers and greenery fresh.  Great for christmas trees,
>>etc.  I have been using this product for about a month now, and it is
>>The packages are about $3.00 each retail.  (Wholesalers can buy them for
>>$2.00 a piece.)  Check out the site at
>>Hope you like them.
>I've only seen two products that work as you claim, I can't remember
>the one name, but the other is SuperSorb, neither were "Natural" as
>you claim, both were a superabsorbant polymer.  One was clear, the
>other tannish in appearance after wetting.
>The clear product could be attractively used in glass decanters and
>food color used to impart a color to the product as it absorbed water.
>This mix ratio was 1 lb of product to 35 gallons of water and came in
>two grades, coarse and fine, the coarse being the most decorative in
>glass containers.
>It sells for just a little over $5.00 per lb in the dry form (35
>gallons wet) and hawked at several flea markets in little one/half
>ounce bags for about $2.00 making the product cost around 15 cents and
>the bag about a dime if that.  Not a bad markup if you can get it!

I checked, this also is simply a polyacrylamide gel.  It is much cheaper in
the flower shop than on-line!

Dave Starrett

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