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President seedman at seedman.com
Wed Dec 11 10:37:29 EST 1996

Dear Seed friends,

	Jim Johnson, President of SBE is working on the first edition of 
"The Seedman
Report", a free electronic newsletter devoted to seeds of all type from 
around the world.
This monthly report will focus on every aspect of seeds imaginable. From 
finding rare
seeds in exotic places, to raising the most unusual plants form seeds, 
to finding heirloom
strains of garden vegetables, to answering pest and soil problems, no 
stones will be left
unturned as we discuss every aspect of the seed and plant world.
	The first E-mail edition will be sent out about January 15th, 
1997, you must sent
us a message if you would like to receive free copies sent to your 
E-mail address.
	Jim is inviting all seed, plant and nursery suppliers, 
horticultural specialists,
University Botanical Departments and plant enthusiasts in general 
worldwide to become
involved with this project.  There will be no favoritism or exclusions. 
Jim's goal is to
make this the most informative and interesting newsletter of it's type 
in the world.
	The Seedman Report will identify new types of seeds that have 
been found, offer
mail order and internet sources for seeds, plants and horticultural 
products, offer monthly
specials on seeds and identify new gardening products as they become 
available. We will
try to focus on endangered species and inform growers of "invasive" 
species on a regular
	Once established , The Seedman Report will become very 
subscriber orientated
with monthly gardening tips, recipes and sound advice furnished from our 
SBE will donate monthly seeds prizes to everyone who contributes 
articles. It is Jim's
intention to bring together a "family" of plant enthusiasts from around 
the world who can
share and learn with each monthly report.
	If you have a tip on gardening, seed germinating, insect 
control, favorite recipe or
anything you think might be interesting to our readers, sent it to 
Jim at seedman.com . If
we select your submission to be used in our any of our reports, we will 
give you a $20.00
seed certificate for purchasing seeds from SBE's massive list of Exotic, 
Rare and Unusual
Plant Seed catalog. No additional purchases will be required to use this 

To receive this free monthly report, you must send an E-mail message to
report at seedman.com and ask for the free report. It will then be E-mailed 
to you
monthly. You can have us remove you from the mailing anytime you like 
simply by
sending us a message to this address.

The 1997 Exotic Plant and Garden Seed Catalog
seedman at seedman.com

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