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    I just finished teaching a dendrology course for juniors and seniors with 
Terrestrial Plant Ecology as the text.  Although I like the book, I do have two 
    First, I believe the coverage is a little too deep for my class because we 
were mostly interested in forest ecology, and because our (including the 
instructor) statistics is not as good as it should be to fully appreciate much 
of what is presented in the book.  In my opinion, the coverage is more suited to 
beginning graduate students.
    My second complaint is that most of the examples used in the book are from 
the west coast.  My students come mainly from Appalachia, and they do not have 
the life experience to make sense of what is presented in the text.
    I think I will try to use Spurr and Barnes (if it is still available) if I 
teach this class again.  Nevertheless, my current class did get a good deal out 
of Barbour, Burk, and Pitts.

Doug Jensen
Berea College

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