Some humor for a grey morning...

Carl Pike C_Pike at ACAD.FANDM.EDU
Thu Dec 12 10:52:06 EST 1996

Since this is a plant joke (of which there aren't very many), I think it's
appropriate for this group.

>>>> A panda walks into an Old West saloon and growls "GIMME SOME FOOD!"
>>>> After wolfing down the food, he draws a six-shooter,
>>>> plugs the piano player dead in the back, and heads for the door.
>>>> The bartender hollers "Hey! You just killed my piano player, and you
>>>> haven't paid me for the food!" The panda replies "Idiot!  I'm a
>>>> *panda*!  LOOK IT UP!"  And away he goes.
>>>> The bartender looks up "panda" in the dictionary and finds: "Large
>>>> furry marsupial of the Asian continent. Eats shoots and leaves."

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