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At 10:40 PM 12/14/96 -0800, you wrote:
>What plants from seed are similar to Wisc. Fast Plants, used for ed
>purposes, which can commony be purchased in 'normal' seed company
>catalogs. I hate to pay big bucks from Carolina for their 'kits'.
>We need a few seeds for a nursery school project n dont want to pay more
>then a few $

Fast plants are brassica rapa.  This variety has been bred to be "fast"  You
can simply buy the seeds from them, you don't really need the "kit".  Seeds
are less than $10 a pack.  I did just that.  Used my own soil, pots,
fertilizer, etc.  Have a growth chamber with the lights mentioned.  They
have a web site with a lot of the info on it anyways.  Take a look at that
and find out the reqs for light, that seemes to be the biggest factor.

Good luck,

  Dave Starrett

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