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I use the Wisconsin Fast Plant (WFP) fluorescent light banks to grow a
variety of dwarf bedding plants including French marigolds, polka dot
plant (Hypoestes), impatiens, zinnia, coleus, 'Jewelbox' celosia,
portulaca, and gazania. They are not as fast as WFPs but marigolds and
zinnia can be in bloom in about 6 weeks. If you want edible crops, try
lettuce and radish. Chia seeds, from chia pets germinate quickly but get
too tall to grow under light banks for more than a week or two For a
nonseed propagated plant, try Devil's backbone (Kalanchoe daigremontinana)
propagated by foliar plantlets. One plantlet will soon give rise to

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On Sat, 14 Dec 1996, Kroin/Hortus wrote:

> What plants from seed are similar to Wisc. Fast Plants, used for ed
> purposes, which can commony be purchased in 'normal' seed company
> catalogs. I hate to pay big bucks from Carolina for their 'kits'.
> We need a few seeds for a nursery school project n dont want to pay more
> then a few $
> regards
> Joel 
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