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Murray W. Goldberg goldberg at
Tue Dec 17 23:08:08 EST 1996

Hi everyone. Over the last year we at UBC have been working hard
on a tool that facilitates the creation of sophisticated web-based
educational environments by educators with little or no technical
expertise. We are looking for beta testers.

The tool is called WebCT (  Aside
from allowing the presentation of course content, it also provides
administrative and educational tools such as grade maintenance and
distribution, on-line quiz delivery and grading, a conferencing
system, e-mail, chat, student progress tracking, student presentation
areas and group maintenance, course index and glossary generation,
student self-testing, and quite a bit more.

Instructors can design courses, and students can use courses from
any network-connected computer (mac, PC, UNIX). The WebCT server
must run on a UNIX machine (though we are making Windows NT and
Windows 95 ports for the server).

We have been beta testing for about three months, and are now
interested in wider beta testing.  If you might be interested in
being a beta tester or simply want to hear more about WebCT, please
take a look at our homepage:

There you will find information on the beta program, WebCT
documentation, how to reach us, and more.

Best regards - and thanks for your indulgence.

Murray W. Goldberg, Instructor
Dept. of Computer Science, University of British Columbia
2366 Main Mall, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6T 1Z4
(604) 822-3153, goldberg at

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