trying to build a green house

John Posner john at
Mon Feb 5 23:20:13 EST 1996

Take a look at Michael Reynold's Earthship site at
><.  Michael is an architect that has
designed a home built of totally recycled materials that can be had at no
cost.  Namely, used tires packed with rammed earth, bottles and aluminum
cans.  House doesn't need heating or cooling and can be off the grid.  The
south facing orientation allows the entire frontage of the home to be used
for growing your own herbs and veggies.

In article <4emjt5$259 at>, Cathy LeFevre <clefevre at> wrote:

> Do you happen to grow wheat?  Straw bale construction would make an 
> excellent greenhouse.  My husband and I hope to build one some day.  If 
> you grow your own wheat you could use the straw.  There are some good 
> sources of information on straw bale construction on the Internet.
> Cathy

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