Teaching Postdocs

Tue Jan 2 13:49:40 EST 1996

To all,

        As a member of the Amer Soc Plant Physiologists Education Committee
and a contributor to the ASPP Newsletter, I am always looking for plant
education-related topics to write on.  Therefore, I am interested in
everyone's thoughts, inputs, opinions etc on a doing a teaching postdoc. 
For instance:

1)  How many teaching postdocs are out there?  What's the research
postdoc/teaching postdoc ratio?
2)  How many recent hires have done a teaching postdoc?
3)  Was a teaching post doc your first choice or a fallback position?
4)  How has it helped/hurt your career goals?
5)  Given tody's job market, and if you had a research postdoc offer and a
teaching postdoc offer in hand, which one would you take?
6)  For those of you on search committees, what value do you place on
candidates who have postdoc teaching experience?  TA experience?  No
teaching experience?
7)  A lot of job ads ask for "teaching experience".  What do you consider
to be teaching experience?  TA?  One semester?  One year?  In other words,
how much teaching experience should a tenure-track-seeking, entry level
candidate have?
8)  Funding?  Are teaching postdocs the same thing as sabattical
replacement or does your institution have separate money to hire someone
with a PhD to teach?  Academic staff?  In other words, what are the
opportunities for someone who specifically is seeking a teaching postdoc?

        Any and all thoughts on this topic are welcomed. 


Robert R. Wise, PhD
Department of Biology
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Oshkosh, WI  54901
(414) 424-3404 tel
(414) 424-1101 fax
wise at vaxa.cis.uwosh.edu

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