Teaching postdocs-2

Thu Jan 4 14:25:24 EST 1996

Follow up to teaching postdoc question...

I have gotten a handful of responses on my original question.  I'd like to
get more input so please send me your thoughts.

New question:  How many PhD training programs have a teaching requirement
for their students?  My institution (Duke Botany) required one year of
TAing.  Do other schools have a requirement  for the amount of time spent
TAing?  If so, do they guarantee financial support for the student?  Are
there departments that offer (require?) a course in teaching or lab
preparation?  Since quality teaching is becoming the battle cry at many
schools (even the big-time research schools) are PhD training institutions
adequately training their students to be competitive in today's job market?

Please indicate if you would like you response kept private (as in no
mention made) or anonymous (as in no attribution made) as my intention is
to eventually share the results with all.


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