GA mutants for lab

Carol Auer CAUER at
Thu Jan 4 13:29:52 EST 1996


I am working on a plant hormone lab and would like to use arabidopsis 
GA-deficient mutants and other GA-related mutants.  There are a 
number of GA mutants listed in the ABRC catalog.  Does anyone have 
experience using any of these mutants for lab experiments?  I expect 
to run the typical experiments applying GA or GA-inhibitors to the 
plants and seeds.  I did these experiments last year using Fast 
Plants, but I hope I can do something better this year.

I hope someone can save me some time and point me towards the best 
mutants which will give reliable results.  If someone has protocols 
for lab experiments (concentrations for GA application etc.), I would 
greatly appreciate that.

Thanks a million

Carol Auer
Dept. of Plant Science
Univ. of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269
cauer at 

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