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: Dear Folks,

: Secondly, I'm trying to think how to impress on my students that the first
: type of photosynthesis to evolve did not produce oxygen.  Is there a
: non-oxygenic but photosynthetic bacterium out there that that one could use
: in a lab exercise to show students there are others ways of doing
: photosynthesis?  I'm totally ignorant here and at your mercy.

The anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria are a bit tricky only because they
are anaerobes.  I think that you can probably grow Chlorobium, a green
sulfur bacteria in Hungate Tubes - sealed tubes which have been bioled,
sparged with an N2 CO2 mix, sealed and autoclaved.  The ATCC has a
perceptrol (ie, cheap, easy teaching culture) available.  Here is the

Chlorobium limicola Nadson
ATCC 17092

Preceptrol [Reg TM] culture. C.B. van Niel B (Chlorobium
thiosulfatophilum). Taxonomy (Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 21: 11-14,
Growth Conditions: Medium 37  30C Anaerobic under a tungsten lamp
Shipped: Test tube.
Price Code: P

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