algae pigment extraction

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Mon Jan 15 10:15:38 EST 1996

Kathleen Arche (Kathleen.Archer at MAIL.CC.TRINCOLL.EDU) asked (in part): 


>Secondly, I'm trying to think how to impress on my students that the
>type of photosynthesis to evolve did not produce oxygen.  Is there a
>non-oxygenic but photosynthetic bacterium out there that that one could
>in a lab exercise to show students there are others ways of doing
>photosynthesis?  I'm totally ignorant here and at your mercy.

I have and am currently measuring discrete photosynthetic radiation in the
blue and red using miniature data loggers under a wide variety of natural
conditions in Texas, Hawaii and Brazil. Can you please give me a citation
for your statement that "the first type of photosynthesis to evolve did
not produce oxygen." 

Thank you. 

Forrest M. Mims III
Sun Photometer Atmospheric Network (SPAN)

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