Infrequent flowering

Subbaiah C. Chalivendra subbaiah at UX1.CSO.UIUC.EDU
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Here is some information:

Bamboos (Bambusa spp.) generally flower once in 50-60 years; and century
plants (Agave americana) are known to flower once in 10-15 years. Such
species are called as perennial monocarpic species, because they live
longer than a few years but flower only once before they die. Most
monocarpic species are annuals. Bamboos are also known to show gregarious
flowering habit. There is also an interesting but not fully explained
association between the flowering of bamboos and explosion of rat
population in the north-eastern parts of India (Assam and Meghalaya

A precocious induction of flowering in bamboos was induced in vitro by a
group of researchers from the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India
(Nature, 1991, I believe).


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