1996 ABLE Workshop/Conference

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The following announcement is for the 18th annual ABLE 
workshop/conference (June 11-15, 1996).

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Corey Goldman
University of Toronto
ABLE President, 1995-97
corey.goldman at utoronto.ca

Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE)

BOSTON UNIVERSITY (Boston, Massachusetts)

June 11-15, 1996

At ABLE meetings, biologists present interesting and 
innovative laboratory exercises.  This year's meeting 
provides 20 hands-on workshops, each approximately 3 hours 
in duration, including participation at the Woods Hole 
Oceanographic Institute, field trips, and mini workshops.  
Each conferee can participate in up to six major and some 
mini workshops, and will receive written materials for all 
major workshops.  Field trips, social events, and tours of 
local attractions are also planned.  (The titles of the 20 
major workshops are given at end of this announcement.)

The Association for Biology Laboratory Education was founded 
in 1979 to promote information exchange among university and 
college educators actively concerned with teaching biology 
in a laboratory setting.

The focus of ABLE is to improve the undergraduate biology 
laboratory experience by promoting the development and 
dissemination of interesting, innovative, and reliable 
laboratory exercises.  Each workshop/conference brings 
together a group of selected presenters with about 155 
participants from university and college biology departments 
throughout the U.S. and Canada. The workshop presenters 
provide all of the essential information and experiences 
that the potential users of the laboratory would require in 
order to "take it home" and use the protocol in their own 
teaching programs.

The workshops from ABLE '96 will be published by ABLE in 
Volume 18 of Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching. Past 
proceedings volumes are available for $15 US each (tables of 
contents and author and subject indexes are available online 
from ABLE's Web home page).

Membership in ABLE, at $35 US per year, entitles you to 
receive one proceedings volume and the tri-annual 
newsletter, Labstracts, an index of the contents of all 
proceedings, and a reduced registration fee for the annual 

For membership information, and to purchase past proceedings 
volumes, contact: Nancy Rosenbaum (Membership Chair), Dept. 
of Biology, Yale University, P.O. Box 208104, New Haven, CT 
06520-8104, (203) 432-3864, FAX: (203) 432-3854, 
nancy.rosenbaum at yale.edu

For more information about ABLE '96 contact: Dr. Elizabeth 
Godrick (Host), Dept. of Biology, Boston University, 5 
Cummington St., Boston, MA 02215-2406, godrick at bio.bu.edu,  
FAX: (617) 353-6340

Titles of Major Workshops at ABLE '96:
(see online conference program for abstracts and 
presentation schedule)
- Herbivory and Anti-Herbivory 
- Phenotypic Variation in Plants
- Identification of T Lymphocytes 
- Cell Fractionation in Tetrahymena
- Preparation of Mammalian Germ Cells
- Olfaction and Chemical Communication
- Intertidal Environment of the Rocky Coast 
- Behavior and Ecology of Humpback Whales
- On-Board Ecosystem Study of Boston Harbor
- Pigment Granule Transport in Chromatophores
- DNA Fingerprinting with PCR and a Single Hair
- Avian Foraging and Niche Partitioning at a Feeder 
- Isolation of Myosin and Actin from Chicken Muscle
- Fish Acoustic and Electric Communication (at Woods Hole)
- Integrating Computer-Based Problem-Solving with Organisms 
- Purification of a Maltose Binding Protein from E. coli 
- Orientation of Marine Invertebrates to Odor Sources (at 
Woods Hole)
- Integrating Intro Bio & Chem Laboratories: Human 
Metabolism of Vitamin C
- Lighting Up: Analysis of Yeast RAS Genes Using a 
Chemiluminesent Southern Blot
- Measurement of Nitrogenase Activity by H2 Evolution from 
Nodulated Roots of Legumes 


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